The Ballad of Billy Bean

I’ve just published my short novel “The Ballad of Billy Bean” through UPDATE Pronoun was purchased by Macmillan and closed down. I've re-published "Billy Bean" on Kindle

I spent a while chasing “traditional” publishing, and agents and publishers gave warm responses - always finishing with something like “but in the incredibly competitive world of children’s publishing…” or “but our schedule is full for the next few years” (!).

So here it is. Get it on Amazon. Please try it out and get your friends of all ages to do the same. Here’s the blurb:

London, 1913. 14–year–old Billy Bean is a thief. He’s also a talented street performer, and he’s picked up by Fred Karno’s music–hall company. Then Charlie Chaplin leaves Karno for the movies, and Billy is sent to America to replace him.

Billy wants to work in movies, too, and it’s not long before he gets his lucky break. But his luck runs out and the movie career goes badly. 

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